I’ve been wondering if salads would be more popular if they had a bigger carb footprint. Something more than the Caesar’s crunchy croutons and the Southwest’s tangy tortilla strips.  What if, instead of carbs in our salads, the chef put them around or under them?  This would provide more than a de minimis dollup of carbs as part of the salad meal, without actually having to ask the server for bread. :-)

I’ve had my share of pitas and wraps stuffed with Caesar salad, served at mainstream places like Au Bon Pain and Bakers Square.

But there are more creative ways to carb up the greens.  For instance, last fall in Stowe, Vermont, where Mel and I spent a fabulous mother-daughter weekend at a local spa resort, I scarfed down an arugula-gorgonzola-shaved red onion salad served on top of a pizza crust at Piecasso.   There are at least two other venues that sell a pizza-salad combo, both in New York City:  Pie by the Pound (Greek salad) and Pulino’s (salad nicoise).

Courtesy of Seth, I have learned of yet another way to have your salad and eat carbs, too:  salad in a crouton cone.   The cone is made by putting a mixture of freshly ground croutons, eggs and olive oil in a waffle cone maker. It can then be filled with any type of salad that complements a crouton taste, especially a Caesar or a Cobb.  Now I scream for salads!

Yours till Caesar raps,

2 Responses to “PIZZALAD?”

  1. Mel says:

    I’m glad to see the appearance of the pizza-salad on the blog! And the salad in a crouton cone sounds amazing. Just be sure not to get the pizza in a cone, which burned a certain brother’s face. :O

  2. Seth says:

    Salad in a cone on a face sounds much healthier. Thanks, Mom, for the info and review.

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