More About This Blog

Mel got it right: we are a very food-focused foursome.  For quite some time, though, we were not fans of any type of food in particular, just equal opportunity chow hounds.  But several years ago, both my jeans and my genes turned on me; and I turned away from pasta, bread and the other so-called “simple carbohydrates” that I had simply loved.  Instead, and with some ambivalence, I began to order/serve broiled poultry and fish, fresh fruits and just about any kind of vegetables—including green salads.  Slowly but surely, I learned to stop worrying and love that salad.  And now, figuring out what actually makes a salad “good” and where such salads can be found have provided the raisons d’eatre for this blog.

In the coming weeks/months, I will write about my salad searches.  I’m hoping that there will be tasty tales of Cobbs, Caesars and Greeks, among others; that readers of this blog will weigh in (ha ha) with their salad summaries; and that, together, we will create a useful reference for Chicagoland salad lovers.  While there may be an occasional gastronomic detour, I will try not to stray too far from the greens.

A special thanks goes to Seth, my webmaster extraordinaire, for setting up this website, providing thoughtful feedback, and continuing to convert my musings into blog-ese.